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Black & Tan Extravagan is a family-owned business in Denver, CO. The beer tools are Colorado-produced using a proprietary production process with stainless steel.

Purchasing our tools supports 100% Made-in-the-USA products!

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What is a Black & Tan?

Black & Tan or half and half, is simply a blend of a light or pale ale beer mixed with a dark porter or stout beer. The dramatic appearance and the flavors complement each other.

Black & Tan Extravagan Instructions

      1. Pour the light beer into a pint glass. This is the "tan" portion of the Black and Tan. Pour it quickly so it creates a full head.
      2. Place the Black & Tan Extravagan onto the rim of the pint glass.
      3. Add the dark beer into the pint glass. Pour the dark beer slowly and carefully over the Black & Tan Extravagan. This is the "black" portion of the Black and Tan.

Origins of Black & Tan Extravagan

The origin of black & tan can be found in many British pubs, when the mixing of draft bitter and dark stout started appearing. Since pouring these two ales together was not difficult, the popularity of the beer started increasing. Many people say that black and tan appeared in 1889, yet the proof of existence of the black and tan beer can also be found in the 17th century. In Ireland, both stout and ale drinkers may occasionally order black & tan for variety. Contrary to popular opinion, black & tan is not wide consumed in Ireland.

However, the consumption of black & tan has increased considerably in the United States. Instead of pouring a black & tan in random way, you can use the 2-n-1 Black & Tan Extravagan to create the perfect mix. These tools and other items will make an ideal gift for the consummate beer drinker.

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